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Nina Doroushi

Anna Jumpsuit

Anna Jumpsuit

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A square, plunge neckline Jumpsuit with metal boned breast plate to create a push up effect. Fastened with signature heavy duty popper buttons from centre back to crotch to front, joining and separating left and right sides, expressing the curvatures of the back torso in full nude translucent latex, as well as back legs, to create seamed stockings effect.

As seen in Jesse Wares music video!


Product Care:

  • Latex is extremely delicate and highly reactive to metal, sunlight, jewellery, natural oils, lotions and perfume.
  • The garment will arrive with a non-residue adhesive, reusable transparent vinyl film that covers the metal spinal buttons. It acts as a protective layer to stop the metal from coming into contact with the non-black latex. It must be kept on at all times (except when wearing).
  • When storing, the garment must be hung upright on a non-metal hanger at all times and stored in a dark closet space to avoid natural light. It is advisable to use the garment bag provided.
  • Latex is 100% waterproof and is strictly hand wash only. Wash in fairy liquid and lukewarm water. Pat dry.
  • Please ensure you use either perfume-free talcum powder or water-based lubrication as a dressing aid as well as to avoid rips.


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